Things to Know before you Visit Malaysia

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Malaysia has cheap inland airline service to visit famous destinations. Room rents are higher than the neighboring countries but government waives tariff on them in selected places.

Are you planning to visit Malaysia for the upcoming vacation? If you are new to the country then you need to learn some basic things about the new land before visiting there with your group of family.

Things to Know

Malaysia is a country that offers all types of entertainment under a single package. You will find picturesque sites and also get the chance to swim with the hammerhead sharks. Before you plan a trip there, you need to know few things about the country.

Homeland Flights are Cheap

If you have designed a vast itinerary and have limited time to enjoy the list, you can avail the domestic flights that cover 18 influential or popular destinations throughout the day. If you think that you want to cover the major tourist destinations within your limited time, you can conveniently hop from one place to the other without incurring too much expense via cheap airlines like Air Asia.

No Fair Taxi Service

The taxi services in the capital and the main destinations are not worthy as the fares are pretty high. You will not find one that will offer metered taxi service. This is why; most of the people visiting this country opt for public transport or the arrangements done by the hotels or tour service provider. In fact, the visitors often find prospective tour websites to plan their vacation days and get good offers using respective Expedia couponĀ There are taxi-booking applications that might be helpful.

Visa Policy

Visiting this country is very easy as the rules and regulations amended for acquiring a travel visa are quite relaxing. In fact, the policy also offers ample free time to the visiting travelers to enjoy the visit properly. The vast archipelago and rainforests are not a destination that can be covered in a day.

The presence of a diverse culture and religion in this country depicts absolute harmony. Here, Malay, Indian, Chinese, and other indigenous race live with harmony. The major religion here is Islam. Due to the diverse culture, the visa policies are very much convenient for the visitors.

Easy to Communicate

The majority of the population speaks English. You will be able to communicate easily with them as there is rarely any communication barrier for the visitors.

Room Expenses

Malaysia is a great country to visit for the holidays but the accommodation charges are a little higher than what the neighboring countries charge. The living cost is slightly expensive. Tourists often book their entire package under the same brand and opt for Expedia coupon to bring down the cost to a considerable extent. Availing the discounts also make better rooms and services available.

Excellent Street Food and Festivals

If you are up for a treat for your taste buds then Malaysia will not disappoint you. the food festivals and street food delicacies are highly preferred by the visitors from all over the world.


There are few islands in the Malaysian archipelago that offers duty-free booze such as Tioman, Langkawi, Labuan, etc. Find quality smokes and booze in this island without burning holes in your pocket.


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