Luxury Malaysia Travel Guide for Accommodation and Transportation

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If you are visiting Malaysia then rest assured that your journey and stay will be very smooth. The country patronizes tourism and offers one of the best infrastructures for the visitors to stay and move around conveniently.

Finding the right Accommodations

From budget-friendly to luxurious hotels, you will multiple options for everything in the preferred locations in the country. You will find excellent beach resorts in the archipelago with all modern facilities you want to enjoy in this vacation. Below is the list of latest luxury accommodations for you.

Pangkor Laut

If you are up for a luxury holiday then head out for the exotic island with a beautiful resort on the western coast of Malaysia. Exquisite sea villas with the stilts will make your dream come true. You will also find hillside villas to stay with gardens.


This is an option that suits all budgets. This brand has many hotels and different price ranges for all types of visitors. The hotels are found generally in the cities such as Melaka and Kuala Lumpur.

Gaya Island Resort

What you want more from a resort which has a built-in marine park? This is a resort that actively participates to save marine animals and restoration of coral reefs. You will find proboscis monkeys and various other exotic animals here.

Club Saujana

When your choice is to enjoy the urban life full of luxury and serenity, then this is the ultimate option for you. It is a premium accommodation that can be afforded when you use the Expedia promo code from the website The price of the accommodations will go down considerably and you will be able to enjoy the urban luxuries during your stay.

The Banjaran

This is a therapeutic rejuvenation destination for those who want to de-stress and revive. You will find hot springs, meditation cave, natural ambiance, and spa service to get the ultimate service for relaxation.

The Four Seasons

If you are a nature aficionado then the accommodations under this banner will be ideal. It is situated in a UNESCO enlisted Geo Park that also caters a one-mile long sand beach. You can try kayaking or do yoga in the serene place and enjoy rejuvenation in the arms of nature.

Transportation in Malaysia

Transportation will be your best friend when you are on the mesmerizing land of Malaysia. The airlines are very cheap and offer domestic flights 24X7 covering all the important destinations in the country. Only US$ 70 is enough to reach any destination via airlines in this country. Using the Expedia promo code, you can also save a lot more.

Train travels are also very friendly and convenient for the tourists although it is quite limited. Most of the backpackers opt for the local bus service to get from one place to the other at a very limited expense. Availing buses will not require any kind of prior planning and advance booking hassles. Booking tickets can be hectic as it is done in the station. Instead, it is better to get in touch with a local to help you out and avoid the hassles.


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